Velka series

Full desktop performance anywhere

Thousands of 4 mm holes for airflow and protection against large debris

Desk footprint little more than that of a phone

Robust steel construction and textured powdercoat for worry-free transport

This was a surprisingly easy build. The Velka 3 has you do most of the assembly outside of the case, which certainly helps, along with those shortened cables from their power supply which I highly recommend... this little PC has far exceeded all of my expectations from performance to aesthetics to portability.
-Bitwit Kyle, Velka 3 rev 3.0

I do think it's pretty impressive just how much we can fit into such as small case.
-Devyn Johnston, Velka 5 rev 3.0

In terms of the panel quality and strength of the case, I'd easily put this up there with other high-quality cases.
- Optimum Tech, Velka 7 rev 2.0

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